Seas The Moment is a family oriented business with years of sailing and off-shore experience. We offer high quality daily cruises and other services, based in the domain of Paros Island (Cyclades), along the Aegean waters.
The cruises take place in a one of a kind traditional vintage boat (kaiki), known as a "Schooner", originally built in 1928. The boat is named after the protector of the sailors, known as Agios Nicholaos (Saint Nicholas) and is the only one remaining in the Mediterranean waters. The boat has been in the ownership of Captains Nefeli and George for the past 30 years and it is strictly operated by them.
Agios Nicholaos was first renovated at the end of WW2 in 1948. An engine was installed in 1950, whilst to this day it still retains its original design and equipment. It has been officially registered as a museum by the Ministry of History and Culture of Greece. To this day and to the knowledge of the European Maritime Heritage, only 60 boats remain with only 10 of them being of the original, authentic design. Our own, Agios Nikolaos, is officially included in those 10 remaining and we have the pleasure to re-introduce it in the Aegean waters.

Meet The Team

Nefeli Dimela

George Dimelas

A young Captain but with years of experience at sea, filled with love and passion for what she does. Nefeli spent most of her life sailing with St. Nicholas and her father George. She left her home for a decade to accomplish a number of degrees abroad, in the Engineering field. Upon completion of her PhD, she returned back to her roots; to chase her life-long dream of working at sea, to maintain a historical family piece and revive both family and greek traditions....

An authentic, skilful Captain, trained in the old ways, with decades of experience both in shipping vessels and traditional boats. A wise sailor with a soulful passion and respect for the sea and its endeavours. An inspiring mentor and a kind soul, with so many life experiences and always with a big smile on his face. Although in retirement, he remains next to his daughter as he passes on the steering wheel to the new generation... 

We strive to offer you an unforgettable day out at sea, whilst you allow us to retain parts of the Greek Nautical Traditions and broadcast our message for cleaner oceans and the need to revive the underwater life.

Nefeli Dimela

Aliki Port, Paros Island, 84400

Tel: +30 6906 178 174 

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