Our Policy

Prices vary according to the choice of Cruise types and the Number of People. Note, for a small extra charge we can operate outside the fixed cruise hours, however all cruises must end by sunset. 

We will be requiring a Crew List with Full Names, Age, ID/Passport Number, Ethnicity as requested by the Coast Guard and for your own safety. 

We typically require a 20% deposit from the total cost for the booking to be accepted.

Any Cancellations 5 days Prior to the booking date will result to the loss of 20% of the agreed total cruise cost.

Any Cancellations 2 days Prior to the booking date and/or ON the date will result to the loss of 50% of the agreed total cruise cost.

Any Cancellations from OUR company will result to the return of the full amount (if already received any) with no charges to you. (this is typical of bad weather conditions or any problems with the boat/or the crew). In cases were weather will not allow for a cruise we always aim to find alternative dates.

If SAILING cruises have been booked and the booking date weather does not allow for such (typically require winds stronger than 4-5 Beafourts) we will exhange for an ENGINE cruise and of course the cost will be minimised/maximised accordingly.

All or Some Locations could be subjected to changes, based on the daily weather conditions, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip. Cruises might also be completely cancelled if I decide that safety and of course enjoyment is not guaranteed.

St. Nicholas Features

Nefeli Dimela

Aliki Port, Paros Island, 84400

Tel: +30 6906 178 174 

       +30 6983 419 083

Email: seasthemoment1@yahoo.com 


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