Ahoy Maties! 

Do you want to feel like a real Pirate for a Day? 

Join us this season on our rare FULL SAILS Cruises, to experience all the workings in a traditional and authentic manner. Our skilled crew will even allow you to join in the fun and help with pulling up the sails.

Our Sailing Cruises can be both Private or on a Ticket. They can only be full filled with winds stronger than 20 knots. During Sailing cruises we can accommodate up to 15 people and last a minimum of 5 hours. The earliest departure can be at 10:00AM and can last until Sunset time

During our cruise we get to sail towards Antiparos Island and Despotiko Island, also known as the Temple of Poseidon, a true archeological gem. Sailing is real fun... but one can not have a true day at sea without some swimming and lunching on local fresh food. Therefore, after a long day of sailing, we shall anchor at the Blue Lagoon for some turquoise water swimming, sight seeing and a nice warm lunch before head back to Aliki, Paros.   



  • Unlimited consumption of:
    Bottled Water
    Beer (usually Alpha or Mythos) 
    Local White Wine 
    Fizzy Drinks

  • Masks and Respirators for Adults & Children

  • On deck seating with all comforts 

  • Towels (if requested 5 days in advance)

  • Toilet 

  • WiFi

  • Music

  • Floaters

  • Life Vests 





Sailing Cruise Itinerary

Nefeli Dimela

Aliki Port, Paros Island, 84400

Tel: +30 6906 178 174 

       +30 6983 419 083

Email: seasthemoment1@yahoo.com 


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