If you are a Kite Surfer or looking into getting your feet wet in Kite surfing, look out for our weekly Kite-Surf Cruises. This season, Paroskite in collaboration with Seas The Moment offer our regular daily cruises combined with on-board Kite Surfing lessons. Our partnership can organise your downwind trips to secret spots, from early in the morning or late in the afternoon, for a sunset session.

Paroskite, provides you with the full gearing on-board along with one (or more if needed) Kitesurfing Instructors to get you started. Learn how to ride your first meters or try your first jumps and tricks away from the crowd and into the turquoise water of secret spots around Paros and Antiparos. Enjoy your special kite lessons alone or with your family and friends on our original Pirate Schooner Boat!  

Paroskite is the home of Kiteboarding world tours, a world class kiteboarding training spot all year round. With a long shallow-watered shoreline and sandy bottom, perfect side shore wind conditions, ideal for beginners, intermediate, or advanced kitesurfers and windsurfers.

Since 1993, Paroskite's experienced instructors have advanced the novice to the experienced rider, level by level and safely, at the students own speed. Visit Paroskite the months of April until October and enjoy the constant steady side shore wind, the blue – turquoise waters, the safety of the spot and of course, the facilities and their services, specially designed to give you pleasure and ease!

During the trip, Paroskite will provide you with all the necessary kitesurfing gear to enjoy your ride and of course, one of our top kitesurfing Instructors to escort you, film you and assist you in any possible way. Book your Kitesurfing cruise and on-board lessons, live the experience and create one of the best memories of your life.

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