The cruise lasts around 3 hours and will be a Private booking, for just you and your party. The food is prepared on board to ensure it is fresh and delicious...! The main course is typically sea-food based and depends on the catch of the day from our local fisherman! We always have various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on board, but if you feel like some bottled wine or even Champagne... we got you covered! We guarantee to keep everything tasty, light, and fresh with a pinch of tradition... however any special menu and drinks requests are always very welcome! 

Aegean is known for its breathtaking Sunsets and tasty delicacies! However, if you don't feel like swimming or have enough time to explore... but still want a taste of it all... Come on board this summer for a lovely Sunset and Dine cruise, between Paros and Antiparos. 

During the cruise you get to dine on local fresh delicious food, feel the salty breeze on your skin while watching the sky turn red as the sun dives into the horizon.... And if you are celebrating something special such as a wedding proposal ... what better way to make it all that much more unforgettable! 

Sunset Cruise Itinerary

Nefeli Dimela

Aliki Port, Paros Island, 84400

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